Intricate structure

Different programming languages

Unique bionic system

Easy to upgrade


Variety of scenarios

Applicable to multiple groups of people

User showcase

Chris Kline

(science teacher)

Now programming education can be said is very “hot”, and the school has also issued corresponding teaching tasks. However, for school teachers without a professional foundation, there are still some thresholds for teach programming, and the daily teaching tasks are relatively heavy and it is difficult to free up to develop their own courses. The complete courses provided by Bittle and TinkeGen solves this problem well. The overall teaching objectives of the course are clear. The knowledge points and interactions of each lesson are also sufficient. Graphical programming greatly reduces the learning threshold.

Amber Farr

(middle school student)

I have been learning programming for quite some time, but in the past, the lessons I had were only focused on writing code, dull and unintuitive in approach. Parents would ask me what I have learned in programming class, but I often couldn’t explain to them in simple words or have anything to showcase. But now through Bittle and with the combination of software and hardware, learning programming is not only full of fun, but also very intuitive.

Adeline Shulte

(technology enthusiast, college student)

I have always liked all types of emerging technology products. I was thrilled after seeing the Boston Dynamics video before, but the high price also discouraged those who want to experience it. Unexpectedly, there are similar products in China now. Bittle supports wired communication methods of I2C and UART serial ports, as well as various forms of wifi or Bluetooth wireless communication. It can be easily programmed to learn it more cool movements. A variety of sensors, and also support the expansion of other boards such as Raspberry Pi, unlocks AI functions. Bittle have extremely high playability. As an entrepreneurial project, it has won multiple awards, and it has achieved millions of crowdfunding worldwide.

Rob Sarg

(senior hardware engineer, father)

Being a programmer and a father, makes me also a half-professional in programming education. My kids always enjoys to review some new technological products with me. At present, there are many kinds of programming learning products on the market, but they usually only support a single programming language. If you want to learn different programming languages, you need to switch between different products and platforms, which is a waste of cost and time. Bittle's product supports graphical programming, Python and C languages. It is very suitable for learning a variety of programming languages step by step. The appearance and movement smoothness is on the high level. The overall structure is very stable.